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About us

Perfecting the craft since the ’60s

Patrick & Co is a world-renowned bespoke tailoring company and formal wear consultancy in Bangkok with more than five decades of success and experience. Let us share with you a quick story about how it all started.

Chapter 1: Udon Thani

Seizing opportunities provided by the Vietnam War

In the late 1960s, Satvinder“Steve” Singh, operated his own retail store in Udon Thani, near the Laos border. He specialised in selling fabrics such as chiffon and cotton, and early on in his career, he earned a good reputation among his customers for providing quality products and outstanding service.

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The war that was raging at that time in nearby Vietnam brought with it unexpected opportunities for Steve. The American Army deployed many of its soldiers in Thailand to help fight communism from outside of Vietnam and fortunately for Steve, these armed forces needed clothes. Steve reacted fast and struck a deal with the army, becoming the first tailor to do so. His cousin and he quickly set up a branch near the American base and started supplying suits, shirts and trousers to colonels, generals and majors.

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Chapter 2: Nakhon Phanom

Rebuilding the store from scratch

Eventually, the war forced Steve out of Udon Thani, and in 1962, he relocated to Nakhon Phanom. Forced to abandon his savings and his stock, he started his business over from scratch, setting up his tailor shop outside another American base. With the Vietnam War at its peak, his tailoring business soon again flourished. There were more and more soldiers arriving every day. The demand for Steve’s services was so great that there was often a line just to be measured. A particular highlight of this period were visits by a late American standup comedian Bob Hope.

Chapter 3: Bangkok

End of the war brings
new beginnings

Inevitably, when the war ended, Steve suffered a setback. The influx of soldiers stopped and he was forced to relocate once again. He considered Pattaya, Phuket, and Koh Samui as potential locations for his new store, but finally settled in Bangkok. Steve poured all his savings into opening a store in Daimaru – an old landmark shopping mall in Bangkok – only to see the building catch fire soon thereafter. Without any insurance, he was forced to start over again for the third time. At this point, he could only afford to open a store on Sukhumvit 11, selling his fabrics at flea markets on the side.

Here, however, he truly hit his stride, becoming a leader in the bespoke industry and picking up politicians and celebrities as regular customers. It was a long journey but with every setback, Steve learned a little bit more about this industry. He applied the knowledge and used it to strengthen his position over time. Because of his hard-won experience and wisdom, Patrick & Co is still growing well into the next century, building upon the steady foundation that Steve set for the store.

Patrick & Co today


Continuing Steve’s legacy
in Thonglor – a new classy area

After forty years on Sukhumvit 11, we relocated once again. This time only down the Sukhumvit Road to nearby Thonglor. We knew that if we wanted to push the envelope further and upscale our services, we had to move out from the busy Soi 11. Even though it’s not as central as Sukhumvit 11 was, it’s still located very conveniently and is only a short BTS ride from the city centre.

Most importantly, though, it aligns with our values. As a trendy neighbourhood that attracts a more sophisticated audience, it allows us to provide a better customer experience where we can focus on quality over quantity. It gives us space and time to perfect our craft and meet and even exceed the high standards that we expected from ourselves so that you can look your best.

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Our commitment

Dedicated to serving you

It was only through a constant process of building and re-building that our founder, Satvinder“Steve” Singh, was able to create a business that stands before you today. We are committed to upholding the principles on which he always operated.

From Udon Thani to our current showroom in Thonglor, our goals have remained the same, and we have continued to improve at a steady pace, staying aware of changing trends and yet standing up for the classical hallmarks that separate“class” from“swag.”For those who want to look the part and appreciate the workmanship, we are here and ready to serve you. Hope to see you in our store soon.


Navin Anandsongvit
Steve’s grandson & owner