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Made to perfection: The benefits of bespoke suiting

Popular retailers offer the promise of an amazing suit at an affordable price but those suits are plagued with issues. It’s rare that you’ll buy a suit off the rack without needing at least one adjustment. Whether it’s the sleeve length of the jacket or the break in the trousers, a tailor’s expertise will be needed. Instead of doing double the work, go bespoke from the very start.

Made to perfection: The benefits of bespoke suiting

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What is bespoke suiting?

Bespoke suiting is a time-honored menswear tradition that has been perfected since the late 1700s. From Italy’s Domenico Caraceni to Savile Row’s Gieves & Hawkes, the world’s most stylish men have known that bespoke is the only choice to look your best. This is clothing tailored to your body. It’s personalized and customized to your every need. Made from scratch every time, bespoke suiting goes through a meticulous and analytical process to ensure that your garments are flawless in every sense. And once you try a single bespoke suit, you’ll never head back to those popular retailers.

How does bespoke suiting work?

Bespoke suiting involves a great relationship with your tailor. He’ll be your resident expert and partner in creating the suit of your dreams. When you first meet, you’ll have a hand in customizing every aspect of your suit. Want pink contrast stitching on the interior of your jacket sleeve? Prefer a single vent over a double? Are you a fan of a slight break or a fuller, classic break? Whatever you desire, you can have it done. And if you’re unsure that these elements will work together, your tailor can help with that, too.

Once you have a vision of your suit, you’ll need to be measured. This isn’t your standard store measurement where a sales associate wraps a tape measure around your neck and moves on to find your suit. Bespoke suiting calls for up to 25 measurements. This may sound like a lot, but every guy is unique. You may have one arm that’s a tinge longer than the other or very broad shoulders. These measurements account for that.

Your measurements are used to build the perfect suit—a process that takes 4-6 weeks. Then, you’ll have a fitting and see your dream suit come to life.

Why should you choose bespoke suiting?

Bespoke suiting gives you the perfect fit every time. When you buy off the rack, you’re taking a gamble, and that gamble almost never pays off. Suits at popular retailers are made from standardized patterns. They take a one size fits all approach to suiting. However, you (and every other guy out there) aren’t built alike. You need a suit that takes your specific build and body parts into account. The only way to do this is through bespoke suiting.

If you’re tired of ending up in ill-fitting suits that don’t last, it’s time to upgrade your style once and for all with a bespoke suit.

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