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How it works

Our bespoke process

Discover the bespoke process behind our tailoring service – from selecting the perfect fabric to adding your personal touch.

Book an appointment

Because scheduled customers are given priority over walk-ins, we recommend booking your appointment before visiting our store. It allows us to guarantee our availability and attention and deliver our signature showroom experience.

Book an appointment
Step 2

Your first visit

Unless you know exactly what you want, your first visit usually starts with a style consultation. Together, we will discuss your style preferences, the occasion your outfit will be for, your lifestyle, work, other garments in your wardrobe and more. All of this information will help us better understand your needs and be able to offer accurate & contemporary advice on style. Next, we will take your measurements and expertly walk you through the two most important steps of the bespoke process – selecting from our large collection of fabrics and customising every detail of your garments. Your details and preferences will be safely stored in our database for seamless reordering in the future. This is also when we collect a deposit for your order.

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

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Step 3

First fitting

Within two working days after the first meeting, you get to try on an incomplete draft of all of your garments. The first fitting serves as an opportunity to get a feel for the garment (that is loosely sewn together), make sure we accurately captured the fit and eliminate any potential problems early on. Your second fitting will be ready within the next three working days.

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

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Step 4

Second, final fitting

The second fitting is usually the final one for simpler garments, such as shirts and trousers, but other items, namely suit/tuxedo jackets, blazers and overcoats, may require an additional, fitting. In case of a third fitting, you still have a chance to fine-tune details and subtly change direction. Following final tweaks, your completed garments undergo one last inspection from our staff and are handed over to you together with the remainder of your bill.

Duration: 30 – 45 minutes

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Step 5


Many of our customers keep coming back for more garments after their first bespoke experience at Patrick & Co. If you would like to repeat your order or get a completely new outfit, you are welcome to drop in at our store or reorder online. Because we already have your measurements and preferences on file, you don’t have to worry about getting your fit right.