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Bespoke Suits for Different Age Groups: How to Dress Your Age

When someone tells you to dress your age, you first want to prove them wrong and show them that you can still pull off the exact look that you could twenty or thirty years ago. The unfortunate truth is that we can’t. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fantastic. Knowing what to wear is the key, so we thought we would write a small guide on dressing for your age group. Certain features will make you stand out whether you are in your twenties or fifties.

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Dressing age appropriate in your 20s

In those aspirational years, you want to make sure you look great. Unfortunately, buying off the rack can be a mistake when working your way up in the business world. Often, sizes are made larger to fit more men, which can sometimes leave you looking like you borrowed your suit from an older relative. A good fit is essential when making an impression, so bespoke suits for young professionals are the best way to go.

The minimum your wardrobe should contain:

  • A grey or navy-blue single-breasted suit jacket that fits close to the body.
  • Slim-fitting trousers to match your suit jacket. You can opt for pleated trousers to compliment your figure if you have bigger thighs.
  • A white or light-coloured dress shirt with a pointed collar 
  • Simple neckties in dark colours 
  • Black Oxford balmoral shoes
  • A smart black leather belt to match your shoes

Here are a few things to remember

You’re only in your 20s

Your twenties are a time for experimentation, so don’t be afraid to play around with the rules. If you have a unique or developing style, these are the perfect years to figure out what you like and what looks good. Talk to your tailor if you find it challenging to put what you are looking for in words. They have seen it all before and will likely know precisely what you mean.

Knowing your audience

Always be aware of whom you are dressing for. You are likely trying to work your way up in the world, so make sure not to underdress. It is far better to look like you put in too much effort than too little.

Be aware that your body will change.

You should remember that your body will most likely change after your twenties. It becomes more difficult to maintain the physique you want when you’re past 30, so you should take advantage of this and opt for slim-fitting suits whilst you can.

Dressing age appropriate in your thirties: raising the standard

Now that you are in your thirties, you will be more settled in all aspects of life. You have reached a point where you’re no longer trying to impress those above but serve as a role model for those below. A more successful man has more room to play around with their style and set the mark for the younger generation. However, you don’t want to go too wild. Things probably aren’t fitting quite as well as they did in your twenties

The minimum your wardrobe should contain:

  • Two or more tailored suits for business use
  • Grey wool trousers that are tailored to your physique
  • A textured jacket for business events
  • A collection of light colours and patterned dress shirts, as well as one or two white
  • A selection of neckties to alternate over the month
  • Black Oxford balmoral shoes
  • At least two high-quality belts
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Be Realistic

Remember to be realistic when picking your designs. Don’t try to remain young forever, trying to squeeze into an ill-fitting suit. Choose something that makes you look amazing. Plenty of designs out there will slim your figure and extenuate your good features while hiding the ones you don’t like so much.

Making an example

Don’t be afraid to play with bold colours and exciting designs. Gone are the years when you strive to impress, so you can afford to live a little in the suits you wear. There is nothing wrong with a brighter-coloured suit as long as it is your style. You should be telling people that you have made it and making long-lasting impressions in and out of work.

Dressing age appropriate 40 and beyond

These years can be the most difficult. As we enter our forties, we begin to look our age and feel it too. It can be tricky to know where you stand. Can you still wear that bright blue suit? If it looks good, then why not? However, for most of us, standing out doesn’t feel as vital as it did, but that doesn’t mean giving up. You can still look incredible, but it might be time to tone down the colours. Maybe opt for more earthy tones and pastel colours. 

Choosing your style at this age is up to you. When buying bespoke suits for middle-aged men, the possibilities are endless. You will know what looks good on your body, and your tailor can help guide you too. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in the style you wear. If your trousers or jacket feel tight, it is time to change the style. 

One thing is for sure. Your wardrobe will be full of incredible suits you can play around with at this age. It is time to add personality to your ensembles, and the most important thing is don’t be scared to outdress younger men. You have years of experience on your side, so show them your worth.

If you still need advice, we are here to ask

Get in touch if you are thinking about your next bespoke suit and are trying to decide what to go for. With the collective knowledge and experience at Patrick and Co, there is nobody better to create age-appropriate bespoke suit styles for men. When ordering bespoke suits with us, we take the time to source the best fabrics, create the best styles and call you back for as many fittings as it takes to make sure your suit looks fantastic.

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