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Bespoke Suits for Different Body Types: Tailoring to Your Unique Shape

When we want the perfect suit, it is imperative to understand each person has a unique body shape, and one size certainly does not fit all. Bespoke tailoring gives us the chance to take advantage of our shape and structure, ensuring that we always look our best. A good tailor will craft a suit with impeccable attention to detail and meticulous precision, meaning that every finite aspect of your suit not only reflects your personality but compliments every part of your body type. Today, we want to discuss why a tailor needs to pay attention to specific attributes of your shape while touching on some of the primary considerations one needs to make to create a bespoke suit.

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Why Your Tailor Needs to Pay Attention to Your Unique Features

Bespoke tailors have an immense talent for understanding and accommodating every client’s unique framework. To create perfection, it is essential that nothing gets overlooked. Instead, we must take advantage of our features and tailor a suit that enhances what we want it to and hides what we don’t. A bespoke tailor will know exactly what to do when measuring your shoulder width, back shape, chest circumference, and buttock size, ensuring you’re left with a garment that boasts your best features and flatters your silhouette.

Body Features Your Tailor Should Take into Consideration and How Each May Differ from One Person to the Next

To give you an understanding of what a bespoke tailor will take into account when fitting you for your suit, here are a few of the primary features they should consider when creating something perfect for you.
Shoulders – One of the most significant aspects that affect the overall fit is the shoulders. A bespoke tailor needs to make necessary adjustments depending on how broad or narrow our frame is. Additionally, taking the time to ensure the shoulder seams are right will ensure optimal comfort.
Chest – Another critical factor to consider is a person’s unique chest size. Tailors need precise measurements of the broadest section of a person’s chest to ensure the jacket buttons fasten without gaping or pulling. There is also a variation of chest shapes to consider, such as sunken or prominent.
Back Shape – One thing that some might overlook that can have a tremendous impact on a suit is the shape of a person’s back. Depending on whether a person has a straight posture or a slightly rounded back, it is essential for a tailor to take this into account so they can carefully craft a bespoke suit to a person’s unique physique.
Buttock – While it is vital to ensure the shirt and jacket are measured precisely to the torso, we mustn’t forget the importance of the buttock. Ensuring the trousers provide enough room and drape over the buttock without sagging or pulling will enhance the comfort, mobility, and aesthetics of the entire suit.

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Exploring Common Variations of Body Type

There is a plethora of body types that a tailor must understand to ensure they can create the perfect suit. Three of the primary body types you may have heard your tailor mention might be ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. When being measured for a new bespoke suit, this is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

Ectomorph – This is a lean and slender body type. People with this build usually have narrow shoulders, a smaller frame, a petite chest, and minimal body fat. This build usually means less muscle mass and limbs that are long in comparison to the torso. When tailoring a suit for a person with this body type, there can be challenges in creating a silhouette that adds more substance to the frame. Methods that tailors are likely to use include padding in the chest and shoulder area and paying intricate attention to the sleeve and trouser leg to avoid an undesirable baggy appearance.

Mesomorph – This body type is a more muscular build. Typically, the shoulders will be broader, the waist narrow, and a well-defined chest. Usually, they have proportionate limbs and have a naturally balanced physique, capable of losing and gaining weight easily. A tailored suit for a mesomorph body is likely to incorporate the person’s build to accentuate their athletic proportions without limiting movement or comfort. To highlight the V-shaped torso, a bespoke tailor will create broad shoulders with a tapered waist, leaving little excess fabric around the thigh and buttock.

Endomorph – This physique is softer and rounder. People of this build are likely to store excess fat around their midsection. Compared to mesomorphs and ectomorphs, they have a wider waist, broader hips, and a fuller chest. When creating a bespoke suit for someone of this build, the tailor will carefully make considerations to ensure a flattering fit is achieved. This may include a longer-length jacket to elongate the body and to create trousers with sufficient room in the seat and waist. Additionally, small details such as pocket placement or lapel width can make a massive difference.

What Can Happen When a Suit isn’t Tailored to Your Unique Shape

If you were unfortunate enough for a tailor not to give enough consideration to your body type, you are likely to receive many issues with fit, appearance, and comfort. Similarly to buying off the rack, some of the common problems might include tightness or looseness to the shoulders, waist, and chest, pulling or sagging around the buttocks, and a wrinkled, uneven drape in the trouser leg. This would likely result in a significant reduction in the overall aesthetic of the suit and massively reduce movement, comfort, and mobility. To ensure this doesn’t happen, always talk with your tailor and go into all specific details concerning your suit.

Do You Need More Advice Concerning Your Next Bespoke Suit

As you can see, for those desiring a suit that fits perfectly, going with a bespoke tailor is an absolute must. When you choose the right tailor, your suit will receive the attention to detail it needs to enhance the aesthetic of your unique shape and size. If you need any advice concerning bespoke suits, Patrick & Co will be happy to answer all your questions. As one of Bangkok’s finest bespoke tailors, there isn’t much we can’t help you achieve.

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