A bespoke tailor in Thonglor, Bangkok: What Patrick & Co’s new hip neighbourhood has to offer to classy men

As you may know, Patrick & Co, a bespoke tailor in Bangkok, has recently moved from Sukhumvit Soi 11 a few streets down to Thonglor, a trendy neighbourhood. Thonglor is particularly popular among those pursuing a bohemian lifestyle as this hip district has no shortage of fine eateries, shopping options, hotels and classy bars and night clubs.

In this article, we will tell you more about what drove us to move our tailor shop to this booming neighbourhood and why we like it. And because Thonglor has a lot to offer for classy men beyond just visiting our new bespoke tailor shop, we will give you a quick gentleman’s guide to this exciting area.

Why did we choose Thonglor as Patrick & Co’s new base?

Sukhumvit Soi 11 was our home for long 40 years and for a good reason. It was a fairly central location that was popular among foreigners. But the same conditions also attracted many other tailor shops to the area and the place soon became crowded. Concerns didn’t take long to develop, some of which were the always-rushing customers, fierce and pushy competition and the overall not-so-great reputation of the area.

We knew that if we wanted to differentiate ourselves and upscale our tailoring and fashion consulting services, we had to move out. After spending some time researching various locations, Thonglor seemed like a perfect location for our new home. Here’s why.

Even though it’s not as central as Sukhumvit 11 was, it’s still located very conveniently and is only a short BTS ride from the city centre.

Most importantly, though, it aligns with our values. As a trendy neighbourhood that attracts a more upscale audience, it allows us to provide a better customer experience where we can focus on quality over quantity. It gives us space and time to perfect our craft and meet or even exceed the high standards that we expected from ourselves so that you can look your best.

What does Thonglor have to offer to modern men?

Short answer – a lot! Thonglor is home to many hot spots catering to classy men. Besides taking care of your outfit at our tailor shop, you can spend the rest of your day grooming your hair and/or beard, relaxing your body at one of the many spas, hanging out in sophisticated eateries and continue well into the night in classy bars and nightclubs.

Because the options are truly countless, we hand-picked subjectively some of the best spots for classy men to try:

Grooming and hair

  • Black Amber Barber Shop – a classy barbershop with a gentleman’s club vibe. View on Google Maps
  • Tew’s Barber Shop – a traditional babershop for men with style (also located in Siam). View on Google Maps
  • Barberford Reserve – barbershop that offers gentlemen an indulgent barbering and grooming experience in a luxurious atmosphere. View on Google Maps


  • theCommons – a lifestyle shopping area with many restaurants of different cuisines within. View on Google Maps
  • Uomasa – a traditional Japanese restaurant with some of the freshest fish in Bangkok. View on Google Maps
  • Bo.lan – a new breed of Thai restaurant preaching hyper-regional cuisine and pledging allegiance to all things sustainable. View on Google Maps


  • Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa – a traditional Japanese onsen spa featuring wide varieties of mineral bath tubs, sauna, steam, warm and cold room, and an extended menu of massage and spa treatments. View on Google Maps
  • Health Land – the land of health and wellness where art and science of traditional Thai wellness harmoniously combine. View on Google Maps


  • Marriot Hotel – a five-star hotel sitting overlooking Sukhumvit Road, right at the entrance of Thonglor. View on Google Maps
  • Grande Centre Point Point Sukhumvit 55 – a five-star hotel designed for both business and leisure travel. View on Google Maps
  • Playhaus Thonglor – a 3-star hotel offering impeccable service and all the essential amenities to invigorate travelers. View on Google Maps
  • Akyra Thonglor – a luxury boutique five-star hotel capturing Bangkok’s urban style and creative flair. View on Google Maps


  • Octave Rooftop Lounge – a stunning rooftop bar and lounge with an unrivalled 360-degree panoramic view of the city. View on Google Maps
  • J. Boroski Mixology – a cocktail bar where the staff will prepare your cocktail based on your wish. View on Google Maps
  • AINU Bar – offers daily live music, an extensive list of Japanese fusion food, a broad selection of Japanese sake and plum wine, spirits, wines and champagne, local and imported beers, and six creative signature cocktails . View on Google Maps
  • Seenspace – lifestyle mall full of lively bars. View on Google Maps
  • Bottoms Up – wine & beer bar featuring the largest wine collection in Thonglor. View on Google Maps

Thonglor has a lot going for it

Thonglor came a long way since its beginning. Once a Bangkok’s suburb named after a naval officer, it later housed car dealerships and tacky wedding showrooms. The changes didn’t stop and nowadays Thonglor has become a trendy area with a large Japanese expat community and countless spots to visit.

Even though we have been here for only two years, we have already witnessed drastic changes. New places, such as restaurants, bars, beauty clinics, hotels and even luxury residential buildings, popped up out of nowhere. Big developers are rushing into the area as well, suggesting that the growth is not going to stop anytime soon.

All in all, we are happy with our decision and are excited to call Thonglor our new home. We see it as a good place for Patrick & Co as well as for our customers. We personally think it has a bright future ahead and we look forward to seeing what it will bring next.

About Patrick & Co

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