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Best dressed male politicians in the world: A closer look into what makes them stylish

You have probably already heard about the importance of dressing well. How we dress affects the way we THINK, FEEL, ACT and the way others react to us. This is especially true for politicians who undergo public scrutiny and are often representative of their nations.

Best dressed male politicians in the world: A closer look into what makes them stylish

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Unsurprisingly, some politicians take their style more seriously than others. In this article, we are taking a look across the world at a handful of prominent male politicians who we deem some of the best-dressed in the world. Not just that, we will also dive into their outfits and uncover what makes them stylish. Let’s begin.

Emmanuel Macron

Anecdotally, when the French president Emmanuel Macron took office, there was a stir amongst his own countrymen due to his elitist appearance. Macron has since dressed down, but that, fortunately, didn’t impact his image as a well-dressed man and politician.

When in office, you will often see the stylish French president sporting a simple and non-flashy single-breasted suit even when attending high profile political events. He usually opts for black or navy blue colours and a dark tie. Macron’s lapel of choice is the more casual notch design. As for his trouser length, the break is comfortably resting on the top of his shiny shoes without the need of a cuff.

What makes his style tick?

Macron’s known for consistency and a precise fit – his suits are slim but not overly tight. Everything is in place and where you would expect it to be. The cherry on top is also his athletic build.

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Justin Trudeau

The Canadian Prime Minister has stolen hearts of many and has been dubbed the best-dressed politician in the world. We would agree. In Trudeau’s case, his style is further aided by his good looks.

Just like Macron, the Canadian leader wears well-fitted single-breasted suits and white or light blue shirts (often with rolled-up sleeves). More often than not, his suits sport the notch lapel and cuff-free trousers of the right length (quarter to half break)

Contrary to his French counterpart, his choice of tie colour gravitates towards colours and patterns – from flashy red to more discreet pale blue. But Trudeau is perhaps most known for his strong sock game – he often pulls it off wearing fun socks.

What makes his style tick?

Again, it comes down to a great fit. All items of Trudeau’s outfit are tailored to perfection and nicely colour-matched. His choice of socks also proves that we men can look good without having to take themselves too seriously.

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Vladimir Putin

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Vladimir Putin’s cultivating the image of authority and power through wearing classic (not fitted) and somewhat conservative single-breasted suits with notch lapels. The Russian president favours dark colours, such as black, dark blue or charcoal grey. The classic looser cuts of his suits communicate timelessness and link to the past.

When it comes to accessories, Putin doesn’t surprise here either – he usually wears black, blue or a maroon tie and exclusively black socks. Fun fact, the head of Russia carefully removes any visible branding on his clothes, making them unidentifiable.

What makes his style tick?

Putin’s style choice cleverly doubles as a medium for portraying his image as a powerful and authoritarian man where all colours on his outfits unanimously support it. He doesn’t take any chances by expressing his individuality, but rather relies on the classic timeless look.
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Narendra Modi

If there was a politician who deviated from the norm and was a trendsetter, it would be the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His impeccable choice of outfits is loved and copied by many in India and there’s even a piece of clothing named after him – the so-called Modi shirt/Kurta.

As you can tell, the Indian Prime Minister doesn’t wear traditional Western suits but rather sticks to his roots. His style evolved from wearing plan cotton kurtas to Nehru Kurta. At one occasion when greeting the former US president Obama, he even embroidered his name in gold thread in lines, forming vertical stripes. In Modi’s case, it’s also the politician’s charm that completes his style and character.

What makes his style tick?

The secret behind Modi’s fashion success is his willingness to customise his style according to the crowd he’s addressing. He dresses differently in India and when travelling abroad.Secondly, it’s also his experimental approach to colours that makes him fashionable. It’s no wonder, therefore, that his unpredictable fashion choices create so much buzz in India and even beyond.

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Final thoughts

Being a politician is certainly a hard job, but we think dressing well can make their lives easier. At the very least, avoiding faux-pas – such as Donald Trump’s long ties or baggy suits – can help them getting unwanted attention for all the wrong reasons. And in the best case, it can help build up their personality and political influence (a good example of this is Vladimir Putin).

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