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Choosing the right fabric for your bespoke suit

One of the significant perks of purchasing a bespoke suit over off-the-rack is that every decision is yours. Getting caught up in the design process can be so fun that people pay little attention to the fabric choice. However, the fabric can often be one of the most essential parts of any suit. In addition, different fabrics work best for different styles, activities, or occasions. So, making sure it is right can be a crucial decision.

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Things to consider when choosing the correct fabric for your suit

Before choosing your fabric, it is crucial to figure out a few things first. The choice of fabric can depend entirely on the purpose of your bespoke suit. Below are a few questions to ask yourself before making this important decision. 

What is the suit for? – If your suit is for work, you will want something entirely different from what you would wear to a one-off formal event. You need to decide if you will be prioritising comfort or style. Different fabrics work best for different purposes. 

How often will you be wearing the suit? – Depending on how often you plan on wearing the suit, you will need to decide if it is worth going for something hard-wearing or not. If a suit isn’t going to be worn very often, you will have a much wider choice of fabric. 

How important is the weight of the suit? – Different fabrics can vary considerably in weight. So if you need something light, this could also limit your choices. 

Will you only wear the suit as a whole or mix and match it with different garments and accessories? – If you plan on breaking your bespoke suit up to wear with different items of clothing, then you will need to consider the texture of the fabric and opt for something universal. 

How formal do you want your suit to be? – Depending on how formal you want the suit to be, this will impact your decision of fabric. For example, if you are looking for something more casual, you wouldn’t want it made from the same fabric you would wear for a black-tie event.

Choosing the fabric goes far beyond its design

As well as the fabric design you want, you must consider the material, weaving and finish. Each of these things can affect various properties of the fabric, such as the toughness of the suit, the length of fibres, sleekness, smoothness, weight, breathability, crease resistance, and crispness. Depending on the purpose of your suit and how often you plan on wearing it, you will need to consider these properties and find one that fits your needs.

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Popular fabric choice for bespoke suits

Let’s look at the most popular fabrics people choose when creating a bespoke suit. Some offer extreme comfort and durability, and others are perfect for finer and more luxurious events. Whatever the occasion, it is good to know what different fabrics are out there for your next bespoke suit. 

Wool – Wool is by far the most popular choice in suits; it is perfect for a cooler climate as the fibres are great for maintaining a comfortable body temperature. It is often used when people want to look their best at a long formal event, as its incredible qualities mean that it doesn’t crease very easily. This fabric can be worn all day and keeps you constantly looking fantastic. 

Velvet – Velvet is one of the more formal options for a suit jacket. This soft and shimmering fabric will give a lasting impression to fellow guests at any dinner party, but it is definitely best left for more formal events. 

Silk – Silk is a highly luxurious and comfortable fabric to choose for a bespoke suit. It doesn’t easily crease and is breathable, perfect for warmer climates and all-day wear. You are sure to catch everyone’s eye when you are wearing a fine silk bespoke suit because of its distinctive and attractive qualities. 

Cashmere – Cashmere is renowned for being luxurious. It is an excellent choice for a formal and classy look if you want to step up your game. This high-quality fabric is much finer than regular wool, making it irresistibly soft. Its extreme comfort makes it perfect for almost any event. However, bear in mind that being a type of wool, cashmere can be warm and weighty, so it might not be the best outdoor choice in tropical climates. 

Cotton – Cotton is a great choice for both formal and casual wear. It is lightweight and long-lasting and offers a good amount of breathability. This comfortable and classic choice of fabric is timeless and has forever maintained popularity for suits. It is a great choice for a sharp-looking suit to fill you with confidence. 

Linen – If you want something lightweight and long-lasting, a linen suit might be right for you. This fabric is best for a casual daytime suit, and its breathability makes it perfect for hot climates. However, linen suits tend to crease easily, so it might not be the best choice if you are on the move.

Polyester – This can be a good choice if purchasing alternating bespoke suits for work. Polyester is known for not being of the highest quality, but it is often blended with other fabrics and can have various attributes. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most breathable, so best to avoid on a hot day.

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