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How to choose the right shoes for your bespoke suit?

We have all has moments of purchasing the perfect suit, but when choosing the right shoes, our minds can draw a blank. There is so much to choose from when trying to match the right shoes with your bespoke suit, but where do you start? Today, we will talk you through a basic guide to colour matching, shoe styles, and material matching to ensure you know exactly what to do for your next suit.

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Colour matching

First of all, let’s talk about what colours go together. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as simple as picking the same colour shoes as your suit. It is about understanding what combinations work best together. Of course, these rules aren’t strict, but like any rule, you need to understand it before you can break it.

Black suits – This is one colour that goes against the rest. A sleek black pair of shoes should always accompany a black suit. Other combos might come off looking a little tacky, so it is always good to match these.

Grey suits – You should opt for black or brown with this suit colour. However, there is definitely room for play. Most shades of brown will fit a grey suit, and it is worth putting some thought into it, as grey can also come in many different shades.

Blue suits – Though black or burgundy shoes work well with this calming suit colour, the optional shoe colour is certainly brown. A brown shoe can fit any occasion, whereas the others might be more suited to formal event.

In addition to these classic suit colours, a tan-coloured suit can go with most pairs of shoes. Furthermore, if you want to show off a pair of light-coloured shoes, we recommend getting yourself a tailor-made champaign-coloured suit. After all, you can also match your suit to your shoes rather than your shoes to your suit.

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Consider the model of your shoes.

Now we don’t want you to think that shoes are something we hold little regard for. The colour is imporant, but is also good to understant what styles of shoes are best for your bespoke suit. There are many styles to choose from, but we have narrowed it down to our favourite four.

Oxfords – These are probably the most popular formal dress shoe, even though they are incredibly versatile. Oxfords are a must-have that can go with almost any style of dress, from formal to cool and casual. They have a simple front lacing pattern and are considered a timeless classic.

Monks – These are slip-on-designed dress shoes with two sets of laces. They usually come with a tassel on the front and can often be called “Tasselled Loafers”. This smart dress shoe is generally associated with business and casual attire.

Brogues – This classic is often paired with slacks and is the perfect shoe for a classy and sophisticated look. They are strictly made from leather and come in various patterns depending on the design and brand. Brogues classic patterns can range from simplistic to heavily detailed and decorative designs. These shoes will shine bright and work incredibly with a suit designed for a formal event.

Chelsea boots – If you are looking for absolute comfort, look no further than the traditional Chelsea boot. They have a sleek design with a low-cut ankle and come with either a side zip or an elasticated partition. They are designed to be a shoe with a tremendously comfortable fit. In recent years we have watched them make a comeback as their versatility is once again realised. These shoes literally go with everything. From a casual meal to daily work and even formal events.

Other featured that are often overlooked

When shopping for the perfect shoe to match your bespoke suit, the style and colour are usually what one decides to focus on. However, if you really want to go into detail, you can take it one step further. For example, you can match your shoe’s upper fabric to your suit fabric. A suede shoe, for instance, would go with a heavier material such as tweed or velvet.

There are other things you might want to consider too. You might want to think about the thickness of the sole. If you are dressing for a formal event, opting for a thinner-sole shoe is common, whereas a thicker sole would suit a more casual look.

When you delve into the world of shoes, it really can become enjoyable.

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