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The modern gent’s guide to wedding suits

When you look back on your wedding day, you’ll remember the poignant message in your vows, the jubilant feeling from the moment you said, “I do”, and the love and support of your family and friends. But perhaps the one thing you’ll remember most is what you wore. Your wedding suit will define one of the most important days of your life, and it’s crucial that you get it right.

The modern gent’s guide to wedding suits

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Common mistakes

Men’s fashion is evolving, and the line between office dress codes and casual outfits blurs more and more each day. But weddings are still an occasion that calls for tradition and formality—especially if you’re the groom.

But formality doesn’t need to be boring, a concept that so many grooms get wrong. All too often, men choose bland, lackluster suits to avoid upstaging their brides. They also assume they should wear a tuxedo, avoid modernity, make every piece match exactly, and that their overall aesthetic should be serious. The best way to process this advice is to throw it out.

General rules

Before we get into suiting specifics, there are a few general rules you should heed:

  1. Coordinate with your bride: Though your wedding suit is all about you, the day itself is a joint effort between you and your bride-to-be. Your suit should play off the colors in her dress to create a look of cohesion in your ceremony.
  2. Dress for your body type: Not every suit style works for every guy. If you’re slim, a double-breasted jacket can add some depth. If you’re heavyset, work with your tailor for a fitted suit that accentuates your strong points.
  3. Go rogue with your accessories: From your bride to your groomsmen to your wedding colors, there’s some element of coordination happening between you and almost everyone else at the wedding. Have a little fun with your accessories and choose socks, lapel pins, pocket squares, or cuff links that make a bold (and individual) statement.

Fit and fabric

When it comes to the fit of your wedding suit, you need to find the compromise between two aspects: comfort and modernity. Wedding days are long, drawn out affairs. Though you’ll be having a blast, your suit will need to withstand a lengthy day. Work with your tailor to craft a suit from lightweight wool or jersey. These fabrics are light, breathable, and, in most cases, crease-resistant.

Your body type will determine the exact cut of your suit. Tall, lean guys will luck out with most tuxedos and slim fits. Skinny guys and heavy guys will need to make appropriate adjustments. But overall, you should aim for a streamlined look that’s sleek. This means a jacket that hugs but doesn’t squeeze the torso, and trousers that slim down your leg. Keep your pockets empty to maintain a clean silhouette.


Your groomsmen’s suit should be cut from the same cloth as your own, so to speak. But you should be the best dressed man at the wedding. There’s no requirement for them to match each other or you exactly. However, the colors they choose should stem from those you’ve chosen for the wedding. If you’re wearing a navy suit with charcoal accessories, perhaps they wear charcoal suits with navy accessories. One area where your groomsmen should be aligned is with their shoes and accessory choices. If there’s one place to have a look of uniformity, it’s in the minor details.

A lot of planning goes into your wedding day, and you’ll have dozens of amazing memories. Make sure your suit is one of them. Schedule an appointment with Patrick & Co today to get started on your wedding suit.

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