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Soft Shoulder Suits: Blending Comfort with Sophistication in Men’s Fashion

The soft shoulder suit is an embodiment of comfort and sartorial sophistication. With a sudden rise in popularity, we have seen this style emerging as a timeless classic. Today, we want to delve into the world of soft shoulder suits to give you a better understanding of what they are, why they’re loved by many, and what they say about the wearer. This refined taste has undoubtedly earned its place in the realm of bespoke tailoring as a modern masterpiece.


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Defining the Soft Shoulder Suit 

The heart of the soft shoulder suit style lies in a single, distinctive feature, setting it apart from its counterparts – the absence or reduction of padding in the shoulders. This suit emphasises a more defined and angular silhouette, much unlike the structured form we are more than familiar with. These suits boast a natural, relaxed drape that gently follows the body’s contours, creating a softer, more casual appearance. 

Why are people suddenly ordering bespoke soft shoulder suits?

You may have seen many people in the media’s eye sporting a soft shoulder suit in recent months. Of course, it is all down to personal taste, but there are some significant benefits drawing people toward this style that are worth looking into. 

Experiencing unparalleled comfort – The soft shoulder suit construction allows the wearer to experience unrestricted movement, creating a level of relaxation that is hard to find in traditional tailoring methods. It is the perfect choice for those craving comfort who don’t wish to compromise their style and sophistication. 

Boasting Timeless Elegance– Soft shoulder suits also exude a timeless elegance that transitions between formal occasions and casual outings effortlessly. The absence of the shoulder’s padding heavily contributes to a versatile elegance, showing off one’s natural form and making the wearer stand out while maintaining approachableness.

Casual Sophistication – This suit style is renowned for striking the perfect balance between formal and casual, making it the best possible choice if you’re likely to wear it for various reasons. There is no other style of suit that is suitable for such a varied selection of events. Whether attending a business conference or a weekend social, soft shoulder suits ensure your impeccable style is never compromised. 

What to Consider if You’re Opting for a Bespoke Soft Shoulder Suit

Before you go straight to your tailor to place your order for an elegant soft-shoulder suit, there are a few things worth considering to ensure the process runs seamlessly and you pull off the exact look you want.

Understand Your Fabric Choices– The choice of fabric plays a vital role in the success of any suit, and even more so when going soft-shoulder. To achieve a comfortable and elegant look, you should opt for a lighter fabric such as linen, cotton, or a lightweight wool blend.

Consider Your Body Type– Bespoke tailoring is an art form that celebrates individuality. When asking your tailor to design a soft shoulder suit, it is worth contemplating your body type to ensure the suit will provide the desired comfort level while complimenting your body type.

Getting the Fit Perfect– A soft shoulder suit should be well-fitted; ensure your tailor pays close attention to your waist, chest, and shoulders to achieve a harmonious and flattering silhouette.

Think About the Details– To create the perfect look in a soft shoulder suit, consider your lapel style, button configuration, and pocket design. Make sure they align perfectly with your personal style and the intended use of the suit. This will ensure that you leave your bespoke tailors with an absolute masterpiece. 

What a Soft Shoulder Suit Says About the Wearer

Every suit we wear will tell a story about us. Depending on how close you are to your tailor, your suit can reveal who you are and what people need to know about you. Here are three distinct characteristics that a soft-shoulder suit will express to onlookers.

Discerning Taste and desire for comfort – Choosing a soft shoulder suit reflects a discerning taste in style. It tells people that the wearer values fashion and comfort in equal measure. Sporting a soft-shoulder bespoke garment will make onlookers aware of who you are and what matters most to you.

Absolute Confidence in Simplicity – This style will speak volumes about the wearer’s confidence. Opting for a suit that is less structured suggests a preference for simplicity and a belief that elegance can be achieved without embellishments. It is obvious that the wearer is confident about who they are and feels comfortable with their own silhouette.

Additional Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Suit Style 

It is important to note that a soft shoulder suit is more suited to warmer seasons due to its lightweight and breathable nature. So, it is probably best left hanging in your spring and summer wardrobe. When asking your bespoke tailor for a soft shoulder suit, consider what else is in your wardrobe, too, as they pair tremendously with more casual elements, so it is best to choose one that matches your wardrobe.

Find Out More About How a Soft Shoulder Suit Could Enhance Your Wardrobe

If you would like to know more about soft shoulder suits or would like to book a consultation, contact Patrick & Co today. As one of Bangkok’s leading bespoke tailors, we know precisely how to create the perfect suits to show off our clients’ style and personality. There is no time like the present; let’s create a bespoke masterpiece fit for you.

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