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Stay dry during this year’s Songkran wearing a waterproof suit

Songkran, Thai New Year, is synonymous with splashing water on strangers and getting wet for three consecutive days in mid-April. This can be fun when you are willingly participating, but what if you are on the way to somewhere important and would like to stay dry?

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Fortunately, there’s a solution for you. It turns out that you don’t need to be an Aquaman or Iron Man in order to have access to a suit with special properties. They are commercially available here and now, including our bespoke tailor shop Patrick & Co.

We are talking about waterproof fabrics for your suit and shirts. These fabrics repel water and let it safely glide down your outfit without leaving a trace. As such they are ideal for sneaking out of the hotel into your car without getting wet!

Cerruti iTravel – The waterproof fabric that will keep you and your suit dry

At Patrick & Co, we make waterproof suits from an Italian fabric called Cerruti iTravel. It’s made out of a blend of Queensland wool, mohair and silk and as its name suggests, it’s a perfect fabric for a travelling suit.

Apart from being waterproof, Cerruti iTravel is also crease-proof and stain resistant. This means that a suit made from this fabric will withstand the stresses of travelling much better than a suit made from regular fabrics.

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What makes Cerruti iTravel special?

To understand Cerrito iTravel’s properties, we need to look within. Resistance to creasing can be attributed to the high twisted yarns in the fabric, whereas the waterproof properties come from the coating of the wool-mohair and wool-mohair-silk blend. This means that you don’t have to stress about being caught in a water fight on the way to a meeting or dinner or even about a spilt drink.

Given Thailand’s high temperatures during Songkran, you will appreciate that a suit made from Cerruti iTravel fabric doesn’t sacrifice breathability, meaning it will help you stay cool (as much as that’s possible in hot Thailand).

Overall, we are big fans of this Italian fabric. If you don’t want to sacrifice style but would like to stay dry and cool whilst wearing it, it’s a great option.

Waterproofing your shirt with nanotechnology

Having a waterproof suit is a battle half-won. To be completely safe from getting soaked during Songkran water fights, you must also wear a waterproof shirt. But don’t worry, Patrick & Co has you covered.

Our special waterproof shirt fabric is made from polyester fibres coated with millions of tiny silicone filaments. It’s so waterproof that it won’t get wet even if you soaked it in water for two months! The water droplets automatically form a spherical shape and will roll off the shirt surface at even a minuscule angle of 2 degrees.

The only drawback of this high tech fabric is its breathability, or lack thereof. Polyester is known for trapping heat and makes it rather a suitable option for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s still possible to wear in Thailand, it will be just warmer than it’s woollen counterpart.

Luxurious alternative to Cerruti iTravel

There’s an obvious alternative to the Cerruti iTravel fabric. As we mentioned in one of our earlier articles, there’s an another Italian mill – Ermenegildo Zegna – that produces a luxury fabric with similar properties (waterproof, crease resistant, breathable)

It’s lighter than Cerruti iTravel, but at the same time it comes with a much steeper price tag. If money’s no object, go with Zegna, otherwise Cerruti iTravel will be the better option for most.

Final thoughts

If you want to be able to dress in style this Songkran without having to worry about getting your outfit wet, consider getting a waterproof suit. Any accidental splashes that may go your way won’t leave a trace on your suit and shirt and you will arrive spotless and dry.

Would you like you know more about our waterproof fabrics? Visit our in our shop or send us a message using the contact form. We will be happy to tell you more and waterproof your new suit.

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