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Patrick & Co came to you! A look behind the scenes of our 2018 European trunk show

Patrick & Co came to you! A look behind the scenes of our 2018 European trunk show

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Patrick & Co – Bespoke tailor in Thailand

Patrick & Co is bespoke tailoring company and formal wear consultancy. Get in touch with us or visit our store in Bangkok. We are ready to serve you.

What is a trunk show?

For those not familiar with what a trunk show is, it is a long-lived tradition of tailors travelling across the world to provide personal bespoke service locally. Tailors carry with them samples of fabrics for both suits and shirts along with catalogues of styles and designs for clients to select from. In the old days, these samples would be stored in a large trunk, hence the name “trunk” show.

There is a practical benefit to hosting trunk shows around the world. Since our customers come from every corner of the world, it is not always practical for them to fly to Bangkok when they need a new shirt or suit. This way, we get to reconnect with them and they have a chance to replenish their wardrobes so that they they can keep looking their best. We also advise them on style, just as we do in our brick and mortar store in Bangkok.

Look behind the scenes

Our favourite part of the trunk show is visiting our old customers. We usually conduct appointments at our hotel, but sometimes we travel to our clients’ offices or homes when there is a group appointment. However, even in case of a group appointment, each person in the group is taken care of individually (individual appointment usually lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour).

Old and new customers alike can choose from a range of fabrics and designs, whether they are interested in a suit or shirts. Old customers have the advantage of having their measurements archived in our records. If they are happy with their current sizes and everything fits perfectly, the process is usually easier as all they need to do is just select a fabric and style. Some customers may choose to make minor adjustments to their clothing, such as changing a collar, selecting different buttons etc.

For new customers, we take their complete measurements and then advance to selecting fabrics, styles and other details. Of course, we are always able to help with styling. We want to make sure that the new garment not only fits the body and occasion, but also complements the rest of our customers’ wardrobes.

Once everything is perfect, we complete the order and collect payment information. The order will be processed in Bangkok in our store and will be delivered to our customers in 5-7 weeks’ time. After seeing everyone scheduled in any given city, we are raising anchor and moving to the next city..

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Are you interested in meeting us in your area?

When visiting your area in the future, we will get in touch and offer to make an appointment with us. If that’s not the case for some reason, please let us know you would like to meet us. Our trunk show is on appointment basis only, so it is important to get in touch in advance so that we can schedule you in. Do you know some friends or colleagues who are also interested? You are very welcome to bring them with you.

Commonly asked questions

For those of our customers who aren’t familiar with our trunk shows, we have put together a few frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding of some details:

What form of payments do you take?

Our primary form of payment is credit cards (we collect your details and provide you with a receipt). Alternatively, we also accept PayPal and bank wire transfers. Unfortunately, we don’t accept cash as a payment.

What if the clothes I ordered don’t fit?

We are confident in our measurements and the chances of the clothes fitting well are high, but we are also human and there is a small margin for error. In rare instances, when the fit is far from perfect, we stand by our work and ask you to ship your clothes back for alteration. If only a minor is required, we would suggest to have it altered locally. In either case, we will ensure the client is compensated for the cost incurred.

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