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What your suit colour says about you

When getting fitted for a new bespoke suit, men often overlook one significant feature. Often, we pay a great deal of attention to patterns, cuts, and styles, but it is easy to bypass the consideration we should be putting into its colour. The colour of a suit isn’t simply a feature, but it can tell the world how you want to be perceived; it gives onlookers a snippet of your personality and can carry a lot of meaning. Today, we will run you through some of the popular choices in suit colour and what they say about the man wearing it.

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A black suit, along with navy blue, is usually a safe go-to when choosing formal attire. Black is renowned for complementing one’s physique, but what can it tell us about the wearer? This formal tone is certainly one to impress onlookers and assert dominance. However, the power that a black suit possesses makes it more fitting for formal events. Black is the perfect suit colour to express style, success, and authority. However, it can be a less desirable colour for a work environment, where it may appear arrogant.


If opting for a grey suit, you must be wary of the tone. There are many shades of grey, and one may tell a completely different story than the other. This classy and conservative colour choice is undoubtedly a necessity for any man’s closet, but what do they tell people about you?

Light grey – Light grey suits are casual suits that one can wear regularly. Its cool tones can also be enhanced with playful patterns tailored to the wearer’s preferences. This tone of grey is perfect for someone wanting to express a more carefree personality.

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Dark grey – This is quite the opposite. Dark grey tells people that you are mature and loyal. It is an excellent suit choice to leave impressions within a professional environment, and its timelessness makes it a suit to fit any occasion.


This is definitely one hell of a jump from black and grey suits, but we thought we would mix it up a little. A red suit can give an incredible statement, but it must be worn correctly. It runs the risk of looking tacky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so if you are going for a red suit, make sure every aspect is thought about and tailored to your personality. This brilliant colour can say so much. It tells people you aren’t shy; you’re passionate, strong, and energetic. When wearing a red suit, ensure you feel up to the task, as it can be wasted if you are tired or in an uncomfortable situation. However, wearing the colour of love with the right energy will surely make you stand out from the crowd.


Let’s take it down a notch and move towards more earth tones. If you want to show people that you care about your appearance but not so much about what they think – brown does just that. Brown suits are synonymous with being formal yet casual, down to earth, trustworthy, and comfortable. For such a toned-down suit colour, it really can say a lot. This calm colour shows that you don’t need reassurance or need to assert your authority. It is perfect if you want to appear approachable. An ideal choice for a socialite who wants to get to know people.


Another earthy classic suit colour is green. This is the colour of nature and projects self-assurance and balance. A man wearing a green suit will show people he is calm and confident and can give the impression of being generous and grounded. For some, green is also considered lucky and is a popular choice for important occasions such as a job interview or a first date. Worn right, this suit colour can seamlessly blend into any event and make you one of the more desirable amongst any crowd.


Ending on a classic, blue is one of the most popular choices of suits. Similar to greys, there are many shades of blue, and each can say something different about the man wearing it. We will discuss two of the most popular yet quite contrasting tones, navy and royal. 

Navy blue – This is probably the most popular out of all the suit colours, and it makes sense why. Navy blue is a commanding colour that projects authority and loyalty and tells people they can depend on you. It is a classic choice for business and is sure to add some character to your look. The versatility of Navy blue means that it can be worn for many different occasions and has almost endless possibilities for customisation when it comes to creating the perfect bespoke suit. 

Royal blue – If you want something more playful, royal blue is a great choice. It is perfect for standing out amongst a crowd and shows people that you are exciting and fun, yet take yourself seriously. Royal Blue is a superb choice for any social event.

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